Tap the Queen

Tap the Queen is an exciting game where you need all your concentration and speed to get as many points as possible. Ideal game for a short break or to put your focus on something different.
There is also an easier version for kids: Tap the Queen Kids, containing no advertisements or click-outs.

In Google Play store now!
Tap the Queen Android
Tap the Queen Kids Android

Coming to Appstore soon!
Tap the Queen iOS
Tap the Queen Kids iOS

If you find the Queen bee in the beehive you tap on her. BEE quick, every level you need to Tap her 6 times to finish that round. But don’t tap wrong, you will lose a life…

•  Complete game, all functions FREE to play
•  Unlimited amount of levels,how far can you come?
•  Time limit on every round, just BEE fast!
•  Variation in amount, size and speed of bees per level!
•  Play over and over
•  Supports both phones and tablets
•  Personal high score
•  Share score

The app contains advertisement, there is an in-app purchase option to remove these ads!
The Kids edition contains no advertisement and no share option, it is kidsproof!

Let’s TAP THE QUEEN, and BEE the best



Created with:
Game development: pijappi.com
Game Design: jobreclame.nl