MyBoard Keyboard is an application for iOS8 and newer which will provide users with the comfort of adding their information with a single tap of the screen every time.

Filling in personal details such as name, address, email, and can be tiring and annoying. Constantly having to type out the same things over and over again is something that no one likes and is a task that annoys most users. The ability to have data filed automatically is something every mobile user would gladly want and enjoy.

MyBoard Keyboard is a mobile application that is run on the iOS8 platform and provides the users with the amazing capability of filling their personal details with a single tap of a button or the screen. This is an application that was desired by everyone who has to frequently fill out online forms and surveys and hence they can benefit a lot from this.

Users who use online shopping and websites to order goods will find it amazingly helpful. They will not have to fill out their shipping address and email address every time they make an order and it will save a lot of time for them. This app provides the kind of convenience that people look for and it will surely be a success among the masses.

Once the details are filled on the MyBoard Keyboard, and the access is granted to the application, the user will find that they can easily fill out forms with the tap of the button. The saved data on the app will allow the forms to be filled automatically and it will be as easy as ABC.

The idea was originated as Apple users did not have the option of a custom keyboard. This simple yet effective idea will go a long way and will be highly popular among many users. The graphical user interface of the MyBoard Keyboard is user friendly and the app will be simple to understand and easy to use. This is surely the app Apple users always looked for from the onset.